-24 and A Broken Doorknob

Living in a rural area has its pluses and minuses. I like the elbow room and being close to Nature. My social life is minutes away. But, this Friday night, it got a bit dicey.

My doorknob has had a bit of play in it for awhile now. The kind that made me think it is going to break. How that would pan out . . . I didn’t know.  I actually thought about carrying my phone with me . . . because of the possibilities that circulated in my brain.  I never take it with me while doing chores.  But . . . I did not replace it, and just thought I would deal with it when it broke.

Well, Friday night . . . it broke and locked me inside my cabin with my cat outside at -12 already.  At least I was on the right side of the door.  Living off grid, I cook on my porch on a camping stove.  Because it is steps from the door, I am out there in my slippers and maybe my winter vest, besides my double layers . . . in the winter . . .  although . . . I have set out my little Waka Waka solar lights in the morning in my robe.  OMG!

In an emergency, if I had to walk in -24 weather because I had no cellphone or car keys, well, . . . you can guess what could happen.  I am about a mile from town.

So . . . I am freaking out.  I call several friends but it is Friday night, and no one is home.  I break down and call 911.  Given, I am safe inside but still freaking out because my cat is outside, and the forecast is calling for -24.  While waiting for 911 rescue, I try to take the doorknob off.  No luck.  The other half of the knob falls onto the porch.  I open the window on the porch and try to go to retrieve my cat.  Nothing to land on.

911 arrives, and he crawls through the window and saves the day!  I duct tape the hole and door jam because freezing cold air is seeping in.  I really don’t think it has set in how close I came to a real catastrophe.

Fortunately, I am here to tell you the tale.

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