Think There Was Progress at COP25? Dream On

I had hope this year that a plan by world leaders was going to be put in place to avert the climate crisis or at the very least lessen its impact.  Yes, that sounds like some fairy tail dream, but after the lineup of environmental activists and groups that showed up since last November, it could be possible.  Heavyweights like Greta Thunberg from Sweden, Extinction Rebellion from the UK, the Sunrise Movement in the US, and the global student strikes were all beyond belief.  All were demanding that world leaders address the climate crisis in the drastic way it needs to be handled.  An environmental activist could have some hope.

But, after viewing the interview by Dr. Peter Carter on what was accomplished at COP25 recently in Madrid, that hope has vanished.  Dr. Carter is a scientist that puts the reports together for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  There is one word for his interview . . .  and that is terrifying.  I have listened to many of Greta’s speeches.  They are honest, direct jabs, backed with science, at the leaders of the world stating they are taking her generation’s future away and doing nothing.  Whereas, in the middle of the Dr. Carter interview, he talked about “biosphere collapse”, and I thought, “We are all going to die.”

He talked about the history of the climate talks and where the problems started.  The talks started in 1992.  If we do some math, that is 27 years.  And in 27 years, no plan has come to the table that every country has agreed to.  No real progress has been made, and we are now in the 11th hour of the climate crisis.  Dr. Carter says there was some progress the first two years, and it has been all downhill since then.  The major countries have been blocking science reports from entering the COP talks, and now they are being dropped completely.  Without the voice of the scientists, nothing is going to change.  The youth will not be listened to.

Dr. Carter went on to talk about how we are on an accelerating trend of CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide that scientists have not witnessed before.  We are at 412 ppm of CO2 and climbing.  There also has been a massive eruption of methane in Barrow, Alaska, that started in August and has remained. Comparing the 2.2 million year ice core level that has been at 800 ppm, it is now at 2,050 ppm.  Methane is a highly concentrated gas that is 86 times more potent than CO2.  This eruption has not been publicized.  He said we need to keep our eye on that eruption in the Arctic.

He ended his interview stating these countries are evil and committing a crime.  They are driving humanity off the cliff.  And, we wonder what we can do as we watch the madness before our eyes.

I highly recommend watching the interview with Dr. Peter Carter, link below.

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