Global Climate Strike September 20

If you are not aware of this, there is a global climate strike on September 20.  Please participate if you are able.  It is for students and adults.  It is for everyone!  Major cities in the US, as well as around the world, are planning this strike.   To find out what is going on in your city, or the closest city to you, contact Extinction Rebellion,, or a Sierra Club near you.  They can help you out.

Extinction Rebellion has three demands.  They are that the government and media tell the truth about the climate crisis, we get off fossil fuels by 2025, and we create a people’s assembly so it is not just the government dictating some plan.  We, the people, definitely need to be involved in putting together the best solutions.

If you haven’t heard of Greta Thunberg yet, look her up.  She has been leading the charge, along with Extinction Rebellion and the Sunrise Movement, since last November.  Never underestimate the power of one person.

The Sunrise Movement is continuing to demand that the Democratic Party hold a climate debate.  It is rather obvious that the Democratic Party is on the side of the fossil fuel industry if they won’t hold a climate debate.  The climate crisis is the only issue that matters.

Three great videos to watch are “Heading for Extinction and What to do About It,” “Deep Adaptation,” and “Normal is Over.”  Please watch them.  The links for these videos are below.  We need to pressure our leaders and get informed on what we need to do about the climate crisis.


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