Deer Ticks Transmit Other Diseases Besides Lyme’s

So my little episode with the deer tick continues.  I share this with you as information that everyone needs to know.  Deer ticks transmit other diseases.  Anaplasmosis is one of them, and as I found out, it is a more serious disease than Lyme’s, although it is not as prevalent . . . yet.

A couple of weeks ago, I got another tick bite.  Because of the ordeal I went through with the first one, I wanted to make sure this wasn’t something I needed to be concerned about.  The tick bite left a red mark about the size of an M&M, and everyone mentions the bulls-eye that shows up from a deer tick bite.  Well, there wasn’t a big bulls-eye but it was a red mark.  So off to the clinic I went to make sure.

During my visit, I asked the nurse if she could pull up my records while I was in the hospital.  She said sure.  We both looked it over, and there it was, Lyme’s showed a negative result.  Then again, Lyme’s was negative.  Then, anaplasmosis showed positive.  I was surprised because the paperwork they gave me when I left the hospital on anaplasmosis had me believing it was part of Lyme’s.

Well, my friend, who really saved my life, sent me an article on anaplasmosis.  It is another deer tick disease all its own.  And, as I can attest to, it isn’t fun and much more serious.  The link to the article is below.  It was published in TODAY by Linda Carroll, October 12, 2017.

The article states that it is on the rise.  It dwarfs Lyme’s right now at 3,656 in 2015 compared to Lyme’s at 28,453.  The gentleman in the article, who got anaplasmosis, had his kidneys start to fail.  It is important to have it treated right away.  The Portland Press Herald in Maine said 25% of the cases required hospitalization.  Who gets hospitalized for Lyme’s? 

That was one of the main reasons I got so sick was because I was waiting for my body to deal with it and have it run its course, like a cold.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I had no idea I had that type of a tick bite. 

I won’t be waiting next time I get 104 temperature.  Please be on the lookout for this.

4 thoughts on “Deer Ticks Transmit Other Diseases Besides Lyme’s”

  1. Oh, Debbie…One thing I learned moving from metro to rural, is that there are always things out to get us. In the rural areas, they are unknown to us until experience gives us learning opportunities. I saw some of your vids and can see why you are getting tick bites – the growth is too close to the paths and too high. The odds are not in your favor. I can introduce you to a couple women who live off grid and have done so for decades. Maybe they can share some tips, if you’re interested. We can talk Wednesday. ED



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