Happy New Year 2020 and the Climate Crisis

This New Year seems different.  Usually I don’t get too down because of the climate crisis.  It is there, and I keep plugging along trying to do something that will create some change in a positive way.  But then . . . a friend sent this article on Australia on a vet’s diary . . . and the picture was very unsettling.  It is in the Opinion section of The Age by Gundi Rhoades on December 26, 2019 titled, “Cattle have stopped breeding, koalas die of thirst:  A vet’s hellish diary of climate change.”  Here is a little excerpt:

“The whole town is devastated.  My business has halved.  But with no horses to breed, no cattle to test and care for, what am I going to do?  I have worked day and night to build a future for my family, but who would want to buy our property out here?  Who would want to buy a vet clinic in a town where there are no animals to treat because it’s too hot and dry?  Where the cattle become infertile from the 40-degree heat.  All this on black, baked ground here.”

All of a sudden . . . I woke up a bit.  What if I compiled all of these catastrophes together in a list or table?  It is becoming apparent the climate crisis is rearing its ugly head . . . everywhere.  It made me wonder if we have reached a tipping point . . . past the point of no return . . . where no action will make a difference.

I started to recall all of the past articles in the last year or two . . . they are news bits that I hear but don’t totally pay attention to.  France was how hot a summer or two ago?  Or was it all of Europe, for that matter?  How many countries are experiencing massive flooding?  Or massive droughts?

And here in SW Wisconsin, we are experiencing the most mild winter ever.  But then . . . that seems to be the case all over the US.  I heard it is 10 degrees warmer on average across the country.   Well, and I am not totally complaining.  Last year at the end of January, it was -40 for a couple of nights.  That is scary to me!  So, I will take 10 degrees warmer.   But, it is very odd.  What do I know about this being odd?   I have only been here a little over 2 years!

And then, there was another article about Australia and how perhaps we have indeed reached a tipping point.  The world is becoming a scary place . . . very quickly.  How can our leaders stand idly by and do nothing?




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