Economics Responding to the Climate Crisis

Yes, the world runs on oil . . . and money.  We all have to work.  It is capitalism.  The consumer economy ever drumming to the beat of endless growth . . . on our finite planet.  An economy of extreme extraction.  The more I learn . . . the more I just want to cry.

Emily Zhao’s article in Medium on January 29, 2020, “How Climate Change is Finally Changing Economics” is about the sleeping giant of economics waking up.  In the 11th hour of the climate crisis . . . the financial world is now paying attention.  How nice.

Nothing until it hits their bottom line . . . their profits.  Millions of people can die, and they do nothing until they lose money.  It is sickening.

How many years have environmental activists been sounding the alarm?  From Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring . . .  to the Love Canal . . . to Josh Fox’s Gasland . . . to Greta .  .  . and everything in between.  And, as Greta pounds home in every speech to the leaders of the world, “Nothing is being done.”

Can we be happy they are now waking up?

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