Sunrise Movement’s Message to Senator Mitch McConnell

On February 25, 2019, the Sunrise Movement went to visit Senator Mitch McConnell’s office to ask him to support the Green New Deal.  Their message to him, “Mitch, look us in the eyes when you tell us that the $1.9 million you have taken from oil and gas CEOs is more important than our future.”

This is the message that needs to be driven home to all House and Senate members who have not signed on to support the Green New Deal.  Both sides of the aisle are taking money from the fossil fuel industry.  The future of humanity is at risk if we don’t stop using fossil fuels now.

Here is the link from the article from Common Dreams on February 25, 2019, “Kentucky Youth Lead 250+ with Sunrise in McConnell’s Office to Say, “Kentucky Needs a Green New Deal.”  About 42 protesters were arrested.  They were singing as they were handcuffed and arrested, which was very powerful.


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