We Think COVID is Bad But the Climate Crisis is Worse

Since the pandemic hit in March, the climate crisis has seemed none existent.  Does mainstream media even mention it?  I don’t listen to the main news stations so I wouldn’t know.  But, even the progressive programming I listen to rarely mentions anything but COVID.

Sure, the numbers in the US are escalating, as well as around the world, and people are dying . . . but the climate crisis will kill more people. 

It is probably two years ago this November that the IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, report came out and said we had 12 years to do something about the climate crisis.  News reports on Greta Thunberg came out at that same time, along with the Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion.  For a whole year, the climate crisis was front and center.  Something that never happened before.  Greta and all these groups were pressuring the US and top governments to do something about it.  Cities and countries were finally calling it a “Climate Emergency” and detailing plans to address it.  I had never felt such hope before. 

Then, COVID came . . . and that hope for the climate disappeared.

But, recently, a few articles came my way.  One was the methane in the Laptev Sea in Siberia, which I posted a few days ago.

Then, this interview with Peter Carter, from the IPCC, and Roger Hallam, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion.  It totally reminded me . . . and motivated me . . . to get back onto focusing on the climate crisis.

Peter details the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, the fires in the Amazon, the methane in the Arctic, and the fires in Siberia.  It is easy to forget all these things are going on . . . when there is a pandemic going on . . . and the media is not reminding us of the dire condition the planet . . . and humanity are in.

He brings up the fact that our economy is the main thing destroying everything.  Well, that is not an easy thing to tackle.  But, look at how easy it was to shut everything down in March until May for COVID!  We can do this. 

He also brings up the fact that changing to a vegan diet is something we all can do.  No one wants to hear that but humanity is at stake here.  Even if we severely depleted our intake of meat and dairy would help. I have been a vegetarian for probably 20 years and got off dairy about 10 years ago. Getting off dairy came about because a friend in our environmental group challenged us and said if we call ourselves environmentalists, we should be vegan. I took the challenge and found something to inspire me and got off dairy. There are so many good things to eat without meat and dairy.

I have attached the link for that interview and feel it is definitely worth watching.

I think we all need to be reminded . . . and motivated to focus on the climate crisis . . . for everyone’s future.

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