Just a Billboard?

billboard 3

Why does this billboard speak to me on my way to IL to visit my mom and friends?  Perhaps, because it is one of those things we need to do to keep connected, especially to our families.  Yes, families are not friends.  We have to live with them and accept them, or not.  Secondly, it is not selling anything.  That in and of itself is a wonderful thing.

So, I love this billboard.  And, my mom is still here at 87.  I call her every Sunday and visit every other month.  We didn’t always have a great relationship but now when I say goodbye, I wonder when it will be the last time.

I will open it up to you and what this billboard says to you.  Any thoughts out there?  Or, do you have a favorite billboard that speaks to you?

2 thoughts on “Just a Billboard?”

  1. I like this bill board too, and much of it is that it is not selling anything or making a political statement. Don’t think I have ever seen a bill board like this. Unusual. It is a little bittersweet for me because both my parents are dead. Good to call your Mom while you can. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are staying warm!


    1. It is a different bill board with a special message. It may speak to you even if your parents are gone. I think it can speak to everyone. I am staying warm, thank you! I hope you are staying warm, too, as you have some cold temps, as well, even it they are not as drastic. I am coming to February book club. Are you coming? Do you know the book?


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