It may be a little premature to start thinking about . . . kayaking . . . but hey, it is getting warmer.  The snow is starting to melt, and my mind is putting together a list of what I want to accomplish this summer.

To start with, food is my number one focus.  Getting my soil in better condition is on the list.  Adding more fruit trees and getting some Concord grapes going is planned.  The Concord grapes I started with last summer did not do well, so just starting over seems like the way to go.

I ordered some hoop house plans . . . but have yet to look at them.  The south side of my cabin is VERY warm when the sun comes out and is a very good location for planting seeds in early spring . . . like now!  There is another project for this summer.

Don’t forget the rocket stove.  Some friends have a wonderful rocket stove that they use in the summer.  I will visit them when they fire it up.  This will get me off the propane tank that I use for cooking on my porch.  Rocket stoves have very few emissions, and kindling, not logs, are fed into it.  It produces a very hot fire.  That is definitely a project, as well.

Of course, there is the vegetable garden.  Hopefully, I will have a better yield this year.  I am going to use mulch and no till to keep the activity that is growing in the soil intact and reduce the weeds and watering I had to do last summer.

And . . . then, I will go kayaking!

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