Weigh in on Climate Change

Please help me out with a little survey:

  • What do you think about climate change?
  • Do you think we can do anything about it?
  • Do you know about the Green New Deal?
  • Do you support it if you know about it?
  • How do you think we should solve climate change?
  • Are you aware of any other issues besides climate change that we need to address that affect the planet?

2 thoughts on “Weigh in on Climate Change”

  1. Chances are, anyone that is here, has consciousness. That is not the problem. The problem(s) are the many we know who are still insistent on playing ostrich. And, the scary thing is that many are “educated”. I refer to them as “nieres”, short for Climate Deniers. All of them that I know are like Trumpsters; willfully blind and deaf, and there only for the show, and reassurance that they do not have to believe that which is inconvenient, and, requires painful action. As with the five stages of grief, the same applies to denial. The link below gives a quick and simple Pinocchio chart to illustrate such.
    I particularly like the closing quote:
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it” (Upton Sinclair, 1934)

    The Green New Deal will not achieve the acceptance level needed to support it until the above attitudes change. Just look at the riots in France over the increase of fossil fuels… and, the resistance in Canada to the Carbon Tax.

    The last item on this survey has to be water; clean and abundant. Notice how we have forgotten the near crisis in South Africa? Or, even closer, the multi-year draught in California? Sadly, humans have to feel the pain personally, and for a long time, before committing to there being a problem, and then to a needed solution.

    Having traveled to Europe, Canada, and South America throughout the ’90’s, ’00’s, and ’10’s, I can say that the equivalent of $4/gal for fuel is a good thing. Small, efficient vehicles, heavy use of public transportation, and no “cowboys” riding solo in oversized, dangerous pick up trucks. Until $4+/gal is the accepted norm, humans will not change their ways. The added revenue must be used for desperately needed infrastructure, including bicycle lanes set up as Copenhagen and other countries have done. Further, we need to stop subsidizing the Fossil Fuel Industries, and use that $4,100.000.000/year toward more solar, wind, and energy storage. And, increased charging station networks, and EV subsidies.


    1. Josef, thanks for weighing in. I totally agree that we need to pay $4 per gallon or whatever the true cost of gas is so we can make the necessary changes to our lifestyle to deal with that cost. But, the fossil fuel industry/political animal is all too happy to keep it subsidized to keep us in the dark and the money coming in on their end. You are absolutely right that we could be switching those subsidies to wind, solar, and energy storage, not to mention a mass transit system with high speed rail included. How do we get the fossil fuel industry and politicians to care about our future on the planet? Do they somehow think they are going to make it when the rest of humanity goes extinct?

      Perhaps the people that have gone through the loss of their home or a loved one from one of the CA fires this past summer are convinced that climate change is happening. I think we live in a bubble that is so insulated from the reality of climate change and forget too easily the devastation of one flood, fire, hurricane, etc. from another. I read an article recently that stated we need to be in a panic mode now, and then we will take the necessary actions. It is just about too late for that.


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