They Are Just Strawberries


It’s a new life for me, this off grid thing.  It is just about two years old now.  I am truly loving it.  Adventures around every corner . . . for me.  Others may not have an interest or care.  They may wonder at my delight in each new discovery . . . and roll their eyes.  But, when I started this new life, I wondered what we compromised by going down “technology road.”  Living the life of extreme convenience has its price.  And, people scowl at the notion of “going back” . . . heaven forbid we go back.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are things I definitely don’t want to give up.  Like the Internet . . . and my cellphone.  And, as much as I have shifted away from conveniences, I still use them . . . like the car . . . and the grocery store.

But this lifestyle has me convinced about going “back”.  Some moments, while sitting and listening to the symphony of birds and gazing at the ridge across the valley . . . fully green . . . and just slipping into summer, I feel myself melt into it all.  I am just as much a part of the trees and the songbirds singing as my body is sitting in the chair.


Discoveries abound.  My garden is doing better this year.  It is flourishing . . . well, the yield will truly tell.  I look at it every morning to see what is growing and how it is progressing.  Overnight, the beans literally poked through the earth.  Well, and as soon as those bean got to an eatable height, the deer ate them.  I was so proud of those beans.  Last year they hardly came up.  A friend said just replant them.  So this adventure doesn’t come without detours.

brown snake

This year, there are so many more snakes.  Yes, I am not totally loving them . . . but then again . . . they are interesting.  As long as they are not poisonous.  I bought 10 bales of straw to use for mulch to keep the soil moist and help revitalize the soil.  There is a whole family of garter snakes in that stack of bales.  Then, I found a little DeKay’s brown snake sunning itself on top of the bales one day.  It is in the picture above and quite small.  A corn snake was sitting under a piece of wood in the wood shed.  So far, most of them are not that big.

bear scat

Then there is the scat.  That is the term for animal “poop.”  You may not have actually wanted to see a picture of it.  Oh, well.  Indigenous tribes paid close attention to this, I am sure.  It meant food or survival.  I just don’t want to step in it.  There is a pile of scat in my vegetable garden . . . that could be from a bear.  I looked up all the possible characters that could have deposited it but none came close.  A friend said that some animal could have had a digestive episode.  Hence, why it was a big pile instead of formed.  The guy who delivers my wood said the DNR tracks animals.  If it is indeed from a bear, I am sure they would want to know about it.  There have been a few spotted in my area.  It is just not that common this far south in WI.

But, back to my strawberries . . . I am enthralled.  But, they are only . . . strawberries.  Eaten many times . . . but not from my garden.  And, they are sweet!

I like this going “back” thing.

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