No Grocery Store for a Whole Year – Is That Possible?

Okay, so I think I am the only one trying to get off the grocery store.  Not true!  As I was looking at YouTube videos in my feed, I came across another person trying to do the exact same thing . . . only he did it for a whole year . . . and his video is amazing and inspirational.  His name is Rob Greenfield, and the link to his video is below.  Please watch it because you are going to be amazed, too!

So, a little review here.  Why would anyone want to get off the grocery store?  Or think it is important . . . or even crucial to get off the grocery store?  Because, as Rob also details, the grocery store is so convenient.  Why get rid of it?

Our food system contributes a lot of CO2 to the climate crisis.  Food travels sometimes thousands of miles to the grocery store.  We can get almost any fruits and vegetables year-round here in the US.  The tomato may be grown in Mexico and then travel to China to be made into tomato sauce before it gets to the shelf.

Processed foods use multiple manufacturing facilities to produce one product.  It may take 8-9 facilities or more for one product.  All of those buildings need heat, air conditioning, and electricity, which all come from burning fossil fuels. 

Then there are the monoculture crops that are grown that are depleting the soil and adding more fossil fuels from the tractors and transportation needed to plant, harvest, and get it to where it will be processed.

Rob’s journey, as you will see, is incredible.  He gets the whole community involved.  And, as he explains, he is new to this whole growing thing.

I can relate in many ways because I am new to growing food, too.  But, I am not setting a goal of a year to do it.  I am on the slow road to getting off the grocery store.

I hope you will find Rob’s story inspiring enough to start planting all of your food, too!  You may find yourself getting your whole community involved with you.

“I Grew and Foraged 100% of My Food for an Entire Year!” by Rob Greenfield

3 thoughts on “No Grocery Store for a Whole Year – Is That Possible?”

  1. Inspiring stuff indeed! I have the same view and have started to grow my own herbs indoors (too cold outside here in the UK and my electricity is from 100% renewables and I’m erecting a small vertical garden this weekend in my tiny patio garden this weekend, although only small it’s a start.

    Going to view an allotment next week to hopefully grow enough produce to part-sustain my small family. Another small step.

    My end-state is an off-grid small holding, building upon the small steps until a Neil Armstrong giant leap comes around in a few years time.

    It’s posts like these that keep me interested and focused, thanks for sharing!


    1. It was a very positive story, and we definitely need that. I am taking small steps like you are. A friend has built a small greenhouse and is growing lettuce in there now. It has been below freezing many nights and it is still growing. I may have to put one up myself. Great to hear you are on !00% renewables!

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