How Long Will We Continue to Destroy the Hand That Feeds Us?

There is an end.  We live on a finite planet . . . although we may think otherwise . . . blinded by where all the products come from or the melting Arctic Ice or Greenland.  There is an end.  Unless we do something about it.  Or . . . can we still do anything about it?

We dominate Nature with extreme extraction, along with endless ways to manipulate it . . . this beautiful, amazing system that gives us life.  Can we create an oak tree, elm, maple, or pine?  The deciduous trees shed their leaves after displaying red, yellow, orange, rust and fall to the ground to fertilize the ground below.  Only to sleep during the winter months and come back to a vibrant green in the spring and do it all over again.  The song of the whales, songbirds in the summer, conversation of the crows in the trees, brilliant colors of flowers and butterflies, bugs, and designs of moths . . . migration of birds, salmon spawning.  There is no way we rival Nature.  We are just a part of it.  But somehow, we are doing an excellent job of destroying it.

Granted, no one thought the invention of the car would wreak havoc on the planet or any other product.  It surely seemed an obvious way to get from point A to B and beyond.

And, the Industrial Revolution was born and products were manufactured en masse to an ever unending consumer appetite . . . and delight.  Well, the corporations were also happy with the profits they were accruing.  The allure of one convenience or product after another is just too much to resist.  Big screen TVs, fancy SUVs, new fashions every season with shoes and purses to match, washers and dryers, dishwashers, cereals and dinners in a box . . . can anyone imagine life without a cellphone?  We hyperventilate when it is missing for a nano second.

We have done so well at eradicating any bug that gets in our way with Roundup . . . we don’t have a windshield full of splattered bugs.  Anymore, I rarely see any bugs on my windshield.  Doesn’t leave much for the birds to eat.  No wonder they are disappearing.  And, when I see a robin poking around for dinner in a manicured lawn, I wonder how nutritious or deadly that worm is.  But, who needs robins anyway?

It is hard to break free of what is so easy to rely on.  How many times have I heard people say in horror, “We can’t go back.”  And then we have a corporate/political monster that is hell bent on driving us off the cliff . . . that would be the US . . . even though most of its citizens want it to do something about the climate crisis.

There was an article or documentary many years ago about the discovery of an indigenous tribe in the Amazon, I believe, that they were documenting.  They wanted the tribe to come over to the life of convenience.  A man they interviewed stated simply, “I fish three hours a day and spend the rest of the time with my family.  Why would I give that up?”

Now we have a pandemic . . . created by the dominance of Nature . . . that has overshadowed the climate crisis.  How many forest fires are in California this season?  30.  How hot did it get in Death Valley?  130?  The hottest temperature on the planet.  How hot in Siberia?  100.  How did European crops do this summer?  Not well.  I have attached the articles for all below.

Then with Trump taking over the Post Office because that will stop fraudulent voting . . . or voting at all.

Can it get any worse?,12674,1039838,00.html


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