Yes, I am clueless when it comes to growing vegetables, fruit trees, blueberries, etc.  I knew that asparagus comes early in the spring . . . so I have been going out to the asparagus plants I planted last summer to see if they were coming up.  Well, I was convinced they were dead . . . dried up and gone. But no . . . they are ALIVE!  I was so excited.  You know, it is the little things . . . and . . . this is food that comes up each year so that means less work . . . and . . . survival!


And, of course I was checking out other things for signs of life . . . like my raspberries.  And, here they are!  Now my blueberries don’t look so good.  No life yet.  But, my apple trees have buds now.  The gooseberry plant has had buds for several weeks.  My little seedlings in my tray have come up but I just found out there is nothing in that peat they are in so I need to get them into some soil right away.  The cabbage came up but were spindly and fell over so I just planted some seeds right in the ground.  I believe they are a cold weather plant so I can do that and if it dips down again, they should be okay.

So much to learn . . . but I know more than last year!

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