We Are Insulated

This is a shore video on how we are insulated when it comes to the climate crisis.

5 thoughts on “We Are Insulated”

  1. Great video! The capitalist machine will do everything it can to survive (just like a virus), infecting its hosts and taking control (over our mind and decisions). What is the most important thing is connection, community and compassion, we do not actually need technology, goods or services (provided at a cost) to achieve that.

    Getting back to nature and each other is an important step to reconnect with what really matters and “refind” our origins to remind ourselves what it means to be human.


    1. Thank you! I did 6 videos about 3 years ago and decided to repost. I agree with all of your comments. We, society, are in a trapped system because we have to work to live, which the capitalist system needs to exist. And then, people buy so much more than they need, as in a bigger house, new car, etc. It is such a materialistic way of life. People don’t realize that, as you said, connection, community, and compassion are what we really need. It is a huge challenge to get out of this mess.

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    1. Thank you, EagleHeart. I did 6 videos about 3 years ago and reposted one of them. It seems people like to watch them instead of read. It is quicker and many times more entertaining.


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