A COP26 Message to Biden and the World Leaders

Do they even realize this?  Apparently not.  They are doing something behind those doors . . . keeping as close to business as usual.  The fossil fuel industries have the most delegates attending . . . so you know that can’t be good.

Perhaps they weren’t paying attention in school.  This is quite difficult to dispute, even if they want to skirt the whole climate warming issue.

Heaven forbid we mess with the almighty ECONOMY.  I say “Take your marbles and go home.  The rest of us want to live.”

Do they know they are messing with the food system?  I suppose their bunkers are well equipped with years and years of dried food to eat.

This is called degrowth. Sure we can slap some solar panels up and get an electric car but do we really want any solar panels going up to support the cookie, snack, processed food, and any other aisle in the grocery store that is not real food, not to mention pet costumes and the rest of the consumer economy?

I think we can figure a new way to live. There were and still are egalitarian systems that took care of everyone, especially Mother Nature.

I always hesitate to bring up the obvious reduction or elimination of meat and dairy. It seems like a religion in a way. People feel threatened if you take away their meat. So, let’s just raise the price and make it a luxury.

Is anything really going to be done at COP? All of humanity hopes so. This is our last chance.

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