A Super Moon and A Lunar Eclipse


Ok, so this is old news.  But, as usual, life and time is swift.  It runs away with me and, I might guess, all of us.  Yes, a super moon and eclipse happened about a month ago but . . .  then . . . there was the polar vortex and -40 for several nights, . . . creosote scare, . . . and getting locked in my cabin due to a broken doorknob at -24.  Yes, . . . I was on the right side of the door but . . . my cat was not.

Let’s go back to the super moon and eclipse.  How to put the experience in words?  Not easy.  First, there was a fog in the valley in the morning, which was very beautiful.  Well, the fog came back at night . . . and the super moon, which was already bright as daylight, enveloped the fog.  Incredible!

About 9:30 p.m. the eclipse started, and the intense brightness in the valley slowly dissipated . . . and by 10:30 was about pitch black.  I was taken by surprise by the severe contrast.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  I thought perhaps it would look cloudy like a solar eclipse.  It was striking . . . first, it was incredibly bright . . . and then, pitch black, dark.

There was also the blood moon aspect.  Because the moon was high in the sky, the moon did have a reddish color but it was faint.  I had a bird’s eye view with no obstruction from trees, etc., being in the valley.

Then, the temperature dropped significantly.  I have been watching the weather rather religiously because subzero temps were around the corner again.  I did not see any notice in the forecast for subzero temps for the night of the eclipse but . . . the temperature plummeted to -24.  I looked on the Internet to see if the eclipse had anything to do with it but did not find anything.

A close friend reminded me as the eclipse began to start so I didn’t miss it, and I am glad she did.  It was so magical and a bit eerie, at the same time.  Very memorable.

What Nature does!

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