Venezuela – The Country with the Most Oil

I am watching the US backed coup in Venezuela . . .  and it is just maddening.  The media paints President Maduro, the current president of Venezuela, as the bad guy.  Perhaps he has done some things wrong . . . but the country is suffering because of US sanctions . . . and now the international banking community will not do business with Venezuela.  That hurts the people.  And the US has placed sanctions on Venezuela why?  Because it is a country based on socialism?  Heaven forbid a country take care of its people . . . or . . .  the bigger reason . . .  they have oil . . . and the US wants its grubby little hands on it.  Oh, and Venezuela has gold, too, among other resources.

At the start of the coup, I was thinking Venezuela had oil.  So I Googled it.  It not only has oil . . . it has the MOST oil in the world.  I thought it was Saudi Arabia, and it may have had the most oil at one time, but Venezuela now tops them.  And, as past US history shows, where there is oil . . . that is where the US goes.  To conduct a war . . . as in Iraq, or now . . . a coup in Venezuela.

Never mind that globally we need to keep the oil in the ground and replace it with renewable energy.  Has the US no conscience!  The US is running the country . . . and the whole world . . . into the ditch.

By the way, did you hear the insect population is in severe decline due to climate change?  You may not like insects but we need them . . . all of the web of life needs them.  Just like the phytoplankton in the ocean . . . which is at risk of going away . . . the whole web of life in the ocean depends on it for existence.

Do the corporate/political people who run things think we will be spared from going extinct, too?

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