A Beautiful Nest

Red winged blackbird nest

There it was . . . a red-winged blackbird’s nest.  There was the alarm going off as the mother told me in no uncertain terms to get away as I approached the nest.  Yes, of course . . . but . . . let me take a look first.  I got close enough to see one egg, and there could have been more.  The nest was built into the fence.  I had heard they built their nests close to the ground.  It would seem safer in a tree.  But, these birds know more than me.

The other day, the cows were munching oh so close, I thought for sure they would destroy the nest, as I went on my jog.  When I got back, the cows were gone, and the nest was intact.  So, I kept an eye on that nest each day.  I was so delightedly to find it.

But, as Nature has it, I approached it the other day, and no alarm.  I took a closer look . . . and no egg.  That was a sad moment.

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