Garden Progress

Tomatoes and strawberries

Here is my garden update. Growing here are my tomatoes, strawberries, and onions.  The soil is in need of repair so I was able to find organic strawbales, which was no easy task, by the way.  I am using them to mulch, hold moisture, and they will also amend the soil.  This is, again, all new to me.  I am not an expert at this at all.  The strawberries, in the back, are doing well.  Except, they do have some spots on the leaves.  But, there are plenty of strawberries, and I just planted them last year.  The tomatoes and onions are holding their own.


Above are my potatoes, cabbages, and beans.  I also planted radishes, garlic, lettuce, spinach, and kale but are not visible here.  The spinach has not come up yet and it has been at least 14 days.  Maybe it has been too cool or not enough watering.  I don’t know.  Time will tell how well they do.  Last year was not a good year for yield.  I will keep trying until the soil improves.

Cover crop

This plot has all my vining plants; cucumbers, squash, cantaloupe, watermelon, and asparagus.  Well, asparagus is not vining.  I planted cover crops, which is what you can see, as the veggies only have two leaves and are not visible.  There may be a mixture of some grasses with the cover crops.  I will cut these down and add more straw.  Again, this soil isn’t going to be amended overnight.  It may take several years to really get it producing but I can wait.  It is a learning process.

I bought three more Concord grape plants that are very healthy looking and have grapes on the plants already.  In addition, two more blueberry plants will be added to the three I already have.  The deer ate much of the three that were already in from last year.  More fencing needs to be added.  Two more gooseberry bushes joined the one from last year.  Two peach trees are also new and another raspberry bush replaced one that didn’t make it.  Of course, I am hoping all of these produce.

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