Methane Release in the Arctic

If you have not heard about the methane in the permafrost in the Arctic, this will be a bit alarming.  Scientists have been studying this for some time now.  There is a lot of permafrost, which is land that never thaws out, in the Arctic.  And, under that permafrost is trapped methane.  Siberia reached some high temperatures, along with other parts of the Arctic, this past summer.  I think I recall hearing 90.  So, the ice that comes back each fall is not freezing as fast.  And, the permafrost is beginning to thaw and release that methane.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is much more potent than CO2 . . . some 84 times more potent according to the Just Have a Think video, “Arctic Methane.  Has 2020 triggered a tipping point?”  Methane doesn’t last as long in the atmosphere as CO2 if that is any consolation.

In that video, scientists are watching what is happening in the Laptev Sea in Siberia.  They have seen methane gas escaping from the permafrost in the Arctic at 400 times more than expected.  We may be concerned about the global temperature rising 1.0 degree but the release of that methane could raise the temperature .06 in a few months.  The video also explains how it works.

The two links below have a lot of information about the methane under the permafrost that is worth reading.  CO2 is at about 415 in the atmosphere right now but the methane release will make the climate crisis much worse in a short amount of time.

So, while we are counting covid cases, which contributes to people dying, the methane is escaping in the Arctic.  As I have mentioned before with some alarm is that the climate crisis is almost never in the news, as if it ever was front page news, since the pandemic started.  Rightly so in some regards.  We have never been through a pandemic . . . well there was SARS and H1N1 . . . but not this big. 

But, the climate crisis will threaten all of humanity.

The climate crisis needs to come back front and center in our minds.  We need to get off fossil fuels.  We need to reduce our consumption dramatically.

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Arctic Methane. Has 2020 triggered a tipping point?

Just Have a Think —

Seven Facts You Need to Know About the Arctic Methane Timebomb

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