AOC’s Green New Deal

Who is AOC?  The best representative to come to Congress in a long time.  Her name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She is a congressional representative in New York sworn in January 2019.  For the first time, climate change is front and center . . . and everyone in Congress knows about it . . . whether they like it or not.  I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

But, let’s backtrack for a moment here.  Before AOC was even sworn in, she joined the Sunrise Movement when they paid Nancy Pelosi a visit and insisted that she make sure the Democrats do something about climate change.  The Sunrise Movement is a phenomenal group of young people . . . the people that climate change will affect most . . . who are demanding that our politicians address the climate change crisis.

And so . . . the Green New Deal was born.  Although there have been some forms of the Green New Deal put together in recent years . . . this one has captured everyone’s attention.

The Green New Deal is not a step by step approach to addressing climate change.  It is a broad reaching scope of what needs to be addressed and some of the things it can accomplish along the way, like replacing our fossil fuel energy system with a renewable energy one, insuring everyone has a job and healthcare, creating a better mass transit system, making every house and building more energy efficient, etc., all within 10 years.

How would we pay for this?  Well, it seems there is some dancing around this issue.  But . . . I say . . .  take all of the subsidies from Big Oil, Big Natural Gas, Big Coal, Big Ag, Big Pharma . . . I am sure I am forgetting some other subsidies . . . that’s a start right there.  Let’s not forget about our military budget . . . so overly bloated . . . there is money to be had to accomplish this.

The whole Green New Deal will look like something from FDR’s New Deal in size and scope.

Below are some links to the Green New Deal that AOC and Sen. Ed Markey have put together, along with an explanation with how it can work.  Included is a link to the Sunrise Movement.

As I throw another log in the wood stove . . . somehow . . . climate change is in everyone’s face . . . and . . . I feel happy.–heres-whats-in-it.html

2 thoughts on “AOC’s Green New Deal”

    1. It could be. If I could do my cabin over, I would do a passive design. That is the most energy efficient to heat with. My cabin plans were in the works much before the Green New Deal. Anyway we look at it, we are taking from the Earth in some way. I have not done the numbers on using a wood stove versus natural gas heat. I am sure they are there. And, I don’t claim to be a purist. Just doing what I can. Thanks for commenting!


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