Peak Oil Interview with Nate Hagens and Art Berman

Attached is the recent interview by Nate Hagens with Arthur Berman, “Peak Oil – The Hedonic Adjustment.”  You may or may not be familiar with the term peak oil.  Regardless, this interview is a must.  Many have debunked peak oil or at the very least kicked the peak oil can down the road. My definition for peak oil is the half way of oil reserves in a country or globally. Obviously, the remaining half of the oil will be depleted much more rapidly than the first half due to the increase in population and the additional uses for oil.

I always say that if they are trying to get oil out of tar sands, the end of oil is not that far away.  If you are not familiar with tar sands, look up Alberta Tar Sands. And, as clearly stated in the interview, oil runs the whole global economy.  Art Berman discovers some important and disturbing facts while getting ready for this interview.  Spend some time and watch this.  It is important that people know these things and are prepared.  Please share it.  Thank you.

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