Sometimes You Get Lucky

Indigo bunting

I have heard of them . . . the indigo buntings.  I never really thought I would see one . . . let alone twice!  Yes, it is just a bird . . . but what a beautiful bird.  Living closer to Nature is one of the reasons I moved here.  Just this summer alone, I have been lucky to see baltimore orioles, grosbeaks, and bluebirds, along with the indigo buntings.  Baltimore orioles actually made a nest in the woods behind my cabin.  That orange is so vibrant.  Unbelievable!  And, now I know its song.

Most of the birds don’t get too close so this picture doesn’t display the indigo’s beauty.  Well, if I had a bird feeder, it would bring them in closer.  But then, it would also bring in hawks, which I don’t want.  I am not crazy about the food chain.  Yes, they all have to eat . . . but I don’t want to see it in action.  That is one of the reasons I am a vegetarian.  Not possible for some of those other creatures out there.

There are the usual cast of characters that were in IL:  the cardinal, robin, black-capped chickadee, blue jay, crow, sparrow, cat bird, yellow finch, wren and any others I have forgotten are all here, too.

I used to think the robin had the best song . . . I don’t know anymore.  Some little, seemingly incidental, brown bird has a very cool song.  It may just bump the robin’s song out of the top.  Then again, if you have ever heard the cat bird . . . well, that has to be in the running, too!  No need to put any music on while basking in the sun eating breakfast . . . there is a symphony going on all around.

I just count myself very lucky!

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