How to Dehull Buckwheat?

Now, there is a question everyone has on their mind, right?

Here it is . . . my first grain.  And, it may not be the keeper, unless I can find a way to dehull it.  When you think of the average garden, growing a grain is not top on your list.  Most likely, it is not even on your list.  But, as a survivalist . . .  yes, I claim to be one, next to environmentalist, minimalist, and the list goes on . . .  a grain has to be on the list.

There has to be something to go with all of those veggies, canned tomatoes, and pole beans.  Of course, a grain!

So, for some reason, I chose buckwheat.  I don’t know.  I don’t even eat it.  I have tried it a few times, and it has a nice flavor but didn’t stick with it.  I probably wouldn’t have tried quinoa again after the first time I cooked it but I have since learned how to get it light and fluffy.  Great stuff!

I started planting the buckwheat in rows and then said, forget it, and broadcast the rest, which turned out perfect.  It is now 4 ft. tall with the buckwheat turning dark brown.  According to one website, it can be dark brown and still not be ready to harvest.  Well, I am winging it.

This is the challenge.  How to dehull it?  Yes, there is some fancy equipment out there for the low, low price of . . . forget it.  Actually, most of the equipment is for bigger operations or milling for buckwheat flour.  The buckwheat doesn’t even look that big.  Perhaps, I should have gotten a variety that was bigger if there is even that option.  When I look at it, I think . . . there is nothing left after the hull comes off.  I don’t want flour either.  This is for groats or whatever they are called.

There was not very much online to help with this predicament either.  But really, buckwheat is not the mainstay of the American diet.  I need a direct line to people in Eastern Europe or Asia, who have been eating this forever.  And, they do not have any fancy equipment to get their buckwheat dehulled.

Anyone have any experience or advice to give?

If not, next year I’ll try quinoa.

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