The BBC’s “Can we transform the world in 12 years?”

Here is a short video from the BBC filled with inspiration.  It asks the question, “Can We Transform the World in 12 Years?”  It brought up the WII mobilization and how fast it was accomplished and what people did.  It was organized by the US government, and that is what we need again.  It was during a time when consumerism was just getting started.  We will have to deal with what people have gotten used to in the way of conveniences and products at our fingertips.   Just as an example, back then, very few people flew anywhere.  Now, people don’t hesitate to fly on vacation or business trips.  Will they put up a fight if it is taken away?  I believe if people truly know what we are up against, as we are headed for a 6th mass extinction, it is possible.

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