Welcome to An Off Grid Life


This is an update for people who may just be tuning in after two years in my cabin.  My name is Debbie, and I am wondering how I start this story.  It seems it just evolved.  There was no burning desire to live in a little cabin off grid when I was a kid, or even 20 years ago.  I probably couldn’t say I was headed for a tiny house and off grid even 5 years ago, although I had started looking for property for some sort of cabin.

I will say one thing for sure.  I wouldn’t be in this cabin if I hadn’t gone to college.  Let me back up a little.  I am 62, something my aunt reminds me of since I have taken this new lifestyle on.  She is right.  It is more physical.  Hopefully it will keep me in shape.

So, at 50 I went to college, and it changed everything for me.  One class in particular is responsible, and that is Environmental Sociology, which is what we do to the planet.  And, it ain’t pretty.  There’s plenty of time to talk about that.  Back to now.

Off grid?  Lots of people call it going backwards.  Who decides that all the modern conveniences of the western world aren’t necessary?  That would be me.  It is something I am going without for a reason.  No running water, electricity, furnace, or a/c . . . cooking on the porch when it is -5 . . . woman, are you mad?  It is all good.  There are a few challenges but all doable.

It is not that those things aren’t necessary but they are part of the CO2/pollution problem big time.  I would also suggest that when we took that turn at the Industrial Revolution and all moved from farms into the city, we cut ourselves off from Nature.  I may have to go out to pump some water after dark but I also get to delight at the stillness of the night, a sky lit up with stars, or a moon caressing the whole valley with its light.  Which nourishes my being more?  Flipping a switch or getting a little closer to Nature?  I am not even close to living the way indigenous tribes of this land lived before we came . . . but maybe I can experience a small piece of the way they lived.

There are many articles, books and documentaries to share with you that helped get me here besides the Environmental Sociology class, along with some videos I have put together.  I look forward to sharing what I know and the life I am living, along with receiving the experiences, questions, and solutions you will share on your end.

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