Be Still

snow and stillness

Make the soup, fetch the water, cook breakfast, do the dishes, bring in the wood, take out the water . . . is there time for a walk before it gets dark . . . STOP . . . SIT . . . BE STILL.

I try each night to sit and be still but it is not often that I get a chance during the day, in the middle of all the chores and errands.

So, during this stream of doing . . . I pause . . . and sit awhile.  My back relaxes against the cushions, and there is stillness.  My cat makes a beeline for my lap . . . and we relax together.  Feeling each breath . . . my body giving way to relaxing . . . to stillness.

The view out my window of the woods, ridges, and prairie with fresh, fallen snow lacing the branches against a milky, gray sky is beautiful.  No sounds.  No cars.  Serene.

Sometimes we need some stillness.

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