12 Years Left

So they finally put a number of years out there.  The Washington Post did an article on October 7, 2018, “The world has just over a decade to get climate change under control, UN Scientists say” by Chris Mooney and Brady Dennis.

It’s a scary number but I am happy it is out there so we know what we are dealing with.  And, as the article states, we will have to take drastic measures to get climate change turned around.  No just recycling here.  Civilization as we know it will be turned on its head to get this accomplished.

I thought . . . this should get the conversation going.  Rattle people up . . . so we actually do something.

I don’t know if that happened but I think enough people heard that we have 12 years left.  We need some rattling up . . . because nothing is happening.  The global meetings on climate change, which happen every other or every four years, started in 1992.  That’s a long time to be discussing climate change with no binding agreement.

Well, our whole economy is based on consumerism.  I mean . . . how do you change that?  And, that is where all the CO2 is coming from . . . and, then . . .  there is the overpopulation issue.  Lots to talk about.

There were several articles after that big news bombshell.  The first article on October 18, 2018, by Jake Johnson writer for Common Dreams said the Democrats aren’t going to do anything drastic to deal with climate change.  Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised about that.

The second article by Christopher D. Cook of Common Dreams on October 17, 2018, “To Address the Climate Crisis, We Must Completely Rethink How We Produce and Consume Food,” brings our agriculture, food processing, and beef production systems to the forefront.  You really don’t hear much about those systems needing to be overhauled to arrest climate change, now do you?  Get rid of monoculture crops, processed food, and limit beef and dairy production?  How radical?  No, it is reality.  We are trying to save our behinds right now.

What solutions do we hear about anyway?  They say we need to lower CO2 to keep the planet from warming but not how we are going to do it.

The third article, “Eco Crises:  Doom & Gloom, Truth & Consequences,” on October 26, 2018, by Kristine Mattis in Common Dreams asks the question, “What are we going to do about climate change,” at least that’s what I walked away hearing.  I am just a little person with one major environmental class and countless documentaries on the planet.  Kristine holds a Ph.D. in Environment and Resources.  You may not believe what I say but listen to Kristine.  If you don’t make it through the whole article, I highly suggest reading the list of things we need to change at the end.  Yes, now we are talking about some real changes!

Here are the links to those articles:





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