How Disconnected Are We From Nature?

Paw print

A paw print.  Who would notice?  Why bother?  We are stuck to our cellphones and computers.  But, indigenous tribes and First Nations’ people were very attuned to paw prints, sounds, edible plants, plants for medicinal uses, the times of the day, the moon, etc.  It meant survival, food, being one with Nature.  Something we have lost to our detriment.  Without our man-made system, we would not survive.

New to living closer to Nature, I now notice the paw prints.  From what I can tell, it is probably from a coyote.  It is at the end of the driveway where a little water collects after it rains.  There are always deer prints, and, like this, a coyote print.  It draws me closer to Nature and the myriad of animals, birds, frogs, and insects I live with.

A fox sprinted one morning between the cabin and the woods, only about 20 feet away.  It took my breath away.  A young buck was standing at the edge of the woods about the same distance one morning . . . looking very quizzically at me . . . and then bounded off with another one close at his heels.  More than occasionally, I notice animals scurry from one place to the next, and I wonder what kind of animal they are.  I have no idea.  A woodchuck, badger, muskrat, mink . . . perhaps I should get a book.

Nature feeds my soul.

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