Grass? No way.

Whether I would have grass or not was a no-brainer.  I let Nature do that.  And, with each passing flower, I am amazed with what Nature comes up with.  I didn’t want a lawnmower, and I didn’t want to be concerned whether my grass was inundated with Creeping Charlie or dandelions.  I am sure there will be some invasive specie in my prairie landscape but I won’t know it.  Well, I take that back.  There are black walnut trees at the road and in the woods.  Their seedlings are sprouting up all through the prairie, and I am not happy about that.  I want to keep it free of trees.  So, I guess I will be trying to get rid of dandelions again, only this time it will be black walnut sproutings.  Here is a sample of flowers that have showed up so far this spring and summer.

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