A Winter’s Walk

Winter's walk-2








No need for the car.  I just headed to the end of my driveway and took a left onto my street.  It was the same route I took this morning on my jog, only that was a task.  Funny how I was oblivious to my surroundings at that time and on this walk it is all I see.  This was pure relaxation.

This wasn’t a beach or some destination vacation.  Just my valley with the undulating, country road caressing the flat, expansive pasture in the valley for the cattle that have become my new neighbors, some months ago.  The small range rises and falls on the other side.  It is not the Rocky Mountains but it is just as beautiful all the same.

There is no chatter in my mind, no list to go over.  The clouds are a mixture of pinks and dark gray, with some blue peaking through, as the sun starts to set.

I feel my body relax . . my breath deeper and slower . . the knots in my shoulders loosen . . my stride is a slow saunter . . and even my jaw seems to give way.  I feel my feet make contact with the ground.

There are some deer tracks that cross the road in the new snow.  I wonder if they are from this morning or 10 minutes ago.  Occasionally, I stop to to hear the silence.  It is so still on this winter’s walk.

Another full breath . . I am ready for that list, as I head back home.

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